teacher, performer
creator, leader



raison d'être
For me, music is a reason for being. Music communicates from the heart, body, mind and spirit. Whether making music for a concert, for a sing-along or for ambiance, I strive to communicate the essence of the music, drawing from and contributing to the energies of the space and the audience.

solo artistry and creative collaborations
As a vocalist, keyboardist and Chapman Stick® player, I offer contemporary, jazz or classical music designed to suit your event:
    • conferences
    • business functions
    • ceremonies
        ‣ weddings
        ‣ anniversaries
        ‣ celebrations of life
    • receptions
    • multimedia collaborations
       ‣ drama
       ‣ dance
       ‣ storytelling
       ‣ visual art

Together, my partner Margaret Moncrieff and I, form the musical duo, SoundRings. Please visit the SoundRings page on this site for more information.

Contact me to help enliven your next event.

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