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We are all learners. Whether in voice or piano, in classical or popular styles, in composition or improvisation, there are fundamentals of technique that apply to every musician. Engagement inspires motivation, so I strive to know each student as an individual, and to tailor lessons to each student’s needs and interests. I seek to foster a collaborative environment based on the love of music and learning.

My studio is located in my parents’ home, where I learned to love music as a child, in my teen years, and during my undergraduate degree programme in music at Queen’s University. The studio room is spacious, featuring a cathedral ceiling, excellent acoustics and a Yamaha grand piano with a full, warm tone. Parents are welcome to remain during their child’s lesson.  NEW:  Remote lessons via Skype or FaceTime are also available.

It is my privilege to guide students in all aspects of music—the skills involved in singing or playing the piano through a solid grounding in technique and musicianship, fostering the creative spark through interpretation, composing or improvising, understanding the theory and notation of music with particular reference to the repertoire being studied, and learning the importance of the history and contexts of musics of various styles, eras and cultures.

My spectrum of fluency encompasses classical art song, jazz, folk, numerous world musics and commercial styles. The human voice is a very personal instrument, and I take delight in helping students discover the unique potential and opportunities their voices can share.

Conversant in a broad range of musical styles, I enjoy designing personalized programmes of study for each student. I encourage ergonomically-relaxed technique and expressive musicality.

theory and composition
As a composer and singer-songwriter, I bring the theoretical elements of music into relevance by always being ready to help students discover the building blocks of whatever music they are performing or creating. I not only teach traditional theoretical subjects but, as a skilled improviser, I find great joy in keyboard harmony and vocal extemporization.

music as therapy
Since 1992, an especially rewarding focus of my teaching has been with both children and adults with brain diseases or injuries (e.g., stroke, aneurism, traumatic brain injury, hydrocephalus, speech disorders, depression, dementia), using music and speech arts therapeutically, and designing individualized programmes in collaboration with students and their caregivers. I believe passionately in the power of music to make a positive difference in people’s lives, helping them to overcome such obstacles as trauma, disability and mental illness.

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