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Since my early teens I have been composing music and writing songs. My inspiration typically stems from the natural world, people and relationships, and situations of injustice that cry out for response and transformation. Many times, I have written for specific events (e.g., the birth of a child, a wedding, anniversaries of people or organizations, celebrations of life), including commissioned works.

My studies and experiences in jazz, popular, folk and world musics have led me to delight in many forms of musical improvisation. Whether for ritual, dance and movement, visual arts, drama, for solo work or leading sing-alongs, improvisation is a favourite personal musical expression that has moved listeners time and time again.

Love of composing and improvisation combine in my work as a sound designer. Using acoustic and digital instruments, both as a soloist and in collaboration with other musicians, I have created live performance soundscapes for dance, drama, exhibitions of visual art, and liturgy.

Musical Autobiographies

Songs form some of our strongest memories. They also shape our lives in very important ways. Each song has a story that helps to build the complete story of our life’s journey.

Perhaps you recall a time as a child, or even as a baby, when a particular song soothed you, or that helped you feel carefree and playful. That might be the beginning of your musical autobiography.

During your adolescence, when you were creating your adult identity, special songs imprinted themselves on who you were becoming and who you dreamed you would be. The songs of adolescence and young adulthood are associated with relationships and significant transitions in your life as you became an adult.

Music inspired you to meet the responsibilities of adult life, and marked important passages and celebrations. Music guided you and informed you about ways to navigate challenging pathways, and helped blaze a trail and shine light on the way.

I help individuals of any age and their close family members design such musical autobiographies by listening to life stories and by encouraging the recollection of important musical memories. Together, we create a personal playlist that can be sung “live” or virtually for a special event like a birthday or anniversary. A recording can also be created for the private use of the recipient to provide continuing comfort and engagement.

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